What is a Cloud Profile?

ScaleGrid's Cloud Profiles are an abstraction of the underlying cloud platform. A Cloud Profile contains all the relevant settings for the underlying cloud - regions, Security Groups, subnets, etc.

You can create a Cloud Profile and then deploy multiple clusters to it over time. For example, you can create a production Cloud Profile and deploy all your production cluster(s) targeting this Cloud Profile.

Cloud Profiles also ensure consistent configuration across all your related clusters.

Cloud Profiles can be created for your own cloud accounts or you can use the SYSTEM ones that are owned by ScaleGrid on our Dedicated Hosting and Shared Hosting plans.


If you use your own cloud account, you are responsible for the cloud charges, data transfer and storage costs. If you use the SYSTEM Cloud Profiles, it's a fully hosted option and all resources are provided by ScaleGrid.


Custom Cloud Profiles


SYSTEM Cloud Profiles owned by ScaleGrid

ScaleGrid supports four distinct types of Cloud Profiles: AWS EC2, Azure (ARM), GCP and OCI .

Other Notes

  • You can access all your Cloud Profiles here.
  • To manage a Cloud Profile, visit its details page and click on the Manage button for more options.