Export a PostgreSQL Database Hosted on ScaleGrid

Export your PostgreSQL hosting database at ScaleGrid and save it as a .sql file on your own server.

Before you start import, you must have the pg_dumpall command line utility installed on your system and added to the system PATH. You can refer to the PostgreSQL Wiki for installation instructions or use the EnterpriseDB installer.

You will also need your ScaleGrid PostgreSQL Connection String and connectivity between your ScaleGrid cluster and the host you will run this command on.

Once the setup is ready, exporting your data is as simple as running

PGPASSWORD=<your-scalegrid-admin-password> pg_dumpall --quote-all-identifiers <your-scalegrid-connection-string> -f <dump-location>

This will export all your roles, and permissions, along with your data!


If you wish to import this data on to a non-PostgreSQL server, you should append the '--inserts' option to maximize compatibility with other SQL databases.