Scale MongoDB Standalone to Replica Set

Scale your MongoDB hosting from a standalone deployment to a replica set through the ScaleGrid console.

Easily upgrade your fully managed MongoDB® Database at ScaleGrid from a standalone deployment to a highly available replica set, and customize your geographic distribution in the cloud.

Convert a MongoDB Standalone Deployment to a Replica Set

  1. Log into the ScaleGrid console.

  2. Go to your MongoDB cluster details page.

  3. On the Overview tab, click on the Scale button and select "Convert to replica set".

  4. Select your replication type: 2 + 1 Arbiter, 3 Replicas, 4 + 1 Arbiter

  5. Select your datacenter regions for your new Primary and Standby locations.

  6. Review and click the green "Upgrade" button to convert your standalone deployment to a replica set.