Dedicated Hosting Plans: ScaleGrid for PostgreSQL, Redis™, MySQL, and MongoDB®

ScaleGrid Dedicated Hosting Pricing:
MongoDB® Database: Starts at $10/month
Redis™*: Starts at $10/month
MySQL: Starts at $10/month
PostgreSQL: Starts at $10/month

Create fully managed, dedicated PostgreSQL, Redis™, MySQL, and MongoDB® Database clusters on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Linode or DigitalOcean. Protect your production workloads through highly available dedicated servers, and automate your database management, monitoring, and maintenance through the #1 MongoDB hosting platform. Setup your clusters in less than 5 minutes.


Create your first MongoDB Dedicated Hosting cluster
Create your first Redis™ Dedicated Hosting cluster
Create your first MySQL Dedicated Hosting cluster
Create your first PostgreSQL Dedicated Hosting cluster

Dedicated Hosting Highlights

Host on Dedicated Servers
Full SSH Access to the Server
Full Superuser Admin Access
No Data Transfer Charges
Up to 5 Free Backups (Scheduled & On-Demand)
Use Cross-Data Center Configurations
Create Custom Replica Set Configurations
Automate Monitoring & Alerts
Get High Availability
Create MongoDB Shards
Use Disk Compression
Use Multiple Database Versions
Deploy High-Performance Clusters using Local SSD


See a full list of database management features by plan:

Dedicated Hosting FAQ

What is Dedicated Hosting and how is it different?

Dedicated Hosting is a hosting solution that provides a dedicated server(s) exclusive to a single client or business. In comparison, shared hosting is hosted on shared servers with multiple clients hosted on a single server, and our Bring Your Own Cloud plans are hosted in your own AWS, GCP, OCI, or Azure account. Dedicated plans are hosted by ScaleGrid through either AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI, Linode, or DigitalOcean.

What are the highlights of Dedicated Hosting?

A fully managed plan for your PostgreSQL, Redis™, MySQL, and MongoDB® Database database management, monitoring and maintenance in the cloud. You maintain full control over your databases, with SSH root access to the underlying machine and full PostgreSQL, Redis™, MySQL, and MongoDB® Database admin privileges. Dedicated Hosting is allows you to automate your database operations, keep your focus on product, and is ideal for large companies, production workload environments, and high-volume traffic sites or applications.

How does Dedicated Hosting pricing work?

Dedicated Hosting pricing starts at $10/month for MongoDB, $10/month for Redis™, $10/month for MySQL, and $10/month for PostgreSQL. These plans are priced by data size, the number of replica sets, and the cloud provider hosting choice. Dedicated Hosting accounts scale dynamically on-demand so you never pay for more than you actually need.

Are there any additional fees?

Our Dedicated Hosting plans are all-inclusive and include 100% in terms of your network, disk, machine, data transfer, log rotation, OS patching, and version upgrade costs, in addition to the full suite of management and monitoring features. You can upgrade to a 24/7 support plan and up to 5 backups are included per deployment. Additional backups are available for a fee.

How are my clusters hosted?

Dedicated Hosting is available for PostgreSQL, Redis™, MySQL, and MongoDB® Database on AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle Cloud, Linode, and DigitalOcean. All Dedicated Hosting plans are hosted on your own dedicated virtual machines hosted by ScaleGrid.

Are there any limitations to this plan?

Dedicated Hosting includes all of the premium database management, monitoring and maintenance features as our other plans. There are a few limitations on the cloud management side compared to our Bring Your Own Cloud plans, where you can use Virtual Private Clouds (AWS VPC, GCP VPC, OCI VCN, and Azure VNET), Reserved Instances, and Security Groups by hosting in your own cloud account. Compare all MongoDB features, features for Redis™, and MySQL features by plan type to see which hosting option is right for you.

ScaleGrid offers up to five backups per deployment on ScaleGrid’s dedicated hosting plans. Please contact ScaleGrid if you wish to generate additional rolling and ad hoc backups. Additional backups are available for an additional fee.


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Getting Started with Dedicated Hosting

It's incredibly easy to get started, and takes only 5 minutes to set up your fully managed dedicated hosting clusters for PostgreSQL, Redis™, MySQL, and MongoDB® Database.

  1. Start a trial on the Console.
  2. Select Dedicated Hosting on the Getting Started page, and click the green New Cluster button (MongoDB instructions, Redis™ instructions, MySQL instructions, PostgreSQL instructions).
  3. Walk through the creation wizard to name your cluster, customize replicas, shards, security, compression, import your data (optional), and create your cluster.
  4. Grab your credentials from your new cluster details page to connect to your account (MongoDB instructions, Redis™ Instructions, MySQL Instructions, PostgreSQL Instructions).


That's it! You can also check out our full documentation for setting up your MongoDB, Redis™, MySQL and PostgreSQL clusters at ScaleGrid.

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