Get The Hostname of Your MySQL Deployment

Want to connect your MySQL deployment to your application and need to find your hostname? A hostname is a label or name that is assigned to a host connected to a computer network and that is used to identify the host in various forms of electronic communication.

Easily grab your host name through a few simple steps through your ScaleGrid account.

How to Find The Hostname of Your MySQL Deployment

  1. Log into the ScaleGrid console, or create a free 30-day trial.


Must have a MySQL Deployment Setup

If you haven't already, you must first create a MySQL deployment before you can grab your hostname.

  1. Go to your MySQL Cluster Details page and select the ‘Overview’ tab.
  2. Find the Command Line Syntax section at the bottom of the page to see the command that can be used to connect your MySQL deployment through mysql client.
  1. The server name following the ‘-h’ is the hostname of your MySQL deployment, and in this particular case, it is ‘’.
  2. Jot down your MySQL hostname to use to connect to your website or application.