MySQL Hosting Features by Plan

Check out the complete list of MySQL hosting, management, monitoring and maintenance features for your cloud deployments across all of our plans:

MySQL Management Features

BYOC Dedicated
Host in your own cloud account Yes -
Dedicated virtual/physical machines Yes Yes
Reserved Instances support Yes -
Customizable RAM, disk size & Instance type Yes Yes
Custom Master Slave Configurations Yes Yes
Slow query analysis Yes Yes
Data imports Yes Yes
Unlimited databases Yes Yes
Multiple MySQL version support Yes Yes
High availability Yes Yes
Dynamic Scaling Yes Yes
High-performance SKU with local SSD disk Yes Yes
InnoDB storage engine Yes Yes
Multi-cloud, no vendor lock-in Yes Yes
Plugin support Yes Yes

MySQL Backup Features

BYOC Dedicated
On-demand and scheduled backups Yes Yes
Custom schedule for backups Yes Yes
One-click restores Yes Yes
Backup peeks / selective restores Yes Yes
Azure local SSD for high read/write performance Yes Yes
MySQL semisynchronous replication Yes Yes

MySQL Monitoring & Reports

BYOC Dedicated
MySQL metric monitoring Yes Yes
Operating system (OS) metric monitoring Yes Yes
Custom alerts Yes Yes
Job history Yes Yes

MySQL Security Features

BYOC Dedicated
Database super user control Yes Yes
Azure Virtual Network (VNET) support Yes -
Security Groups Yes -
IP whitelist access control - Yes
SSL encryption Yes Yes
Local SSD support Yes Yes
Two-factor authentication Yes Yes
Encryption-at-rest Yes Yes
SSH root access to your machines Yes Yes

MySQL Maintenance Features

BYOC Dedicated
Log rotations Yes Yes
OS patching, scheduled and on-demand Yes Yes
MySQL upgrades Yes Yes
24/7/365 support options Yes Yes

Create your first MySQL cluster through the ScaleGrid Console, and check these guides to help you get set up: