Resetting Admin User Credentials Provided by ScaleGrid

When you create a new managed database deployment at ScaleGrid, a default user, or super user, is provisioned on the database for you. You can find the username and password for this default user in the Credentials section of the Overview tab on the details page of the deployment.


Do not use the ScaleGrid provided user credentials in applications

It is highly recommended the ScaleGrid provided admin user credentials are not used for application authentication. These users usually have root privileges and should be used to creating new users or performing rare maintenance tasks. So, the need to change this password should only arise rarely.

This does not apply to Redisā„¢ where currently, there is only one password available.

In the rare occasion that you need to rotate the password of this ScaleGrid provided use, use the 'Reset' option available in the Credentials section.



Disruptive change

Any existing tools or clients using these credentials will not be able to establish any new connections once these credentials are rotated. Make sure to update such tools or clients with the latest credentials.