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MySQL Scheduled Backups

Scheduled backups can be used to back up your MySQL deployment automatically on a regular schedule by setting up a backup configuration.


By default, your deployments are configured to backup once a day and retain 7 backups.

Creating Scheduled Backups

To set up a backup configuration for scheduled backups, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the overview page of the deployment you wish to backup, click on the Backup & Restore menu option and choose "Backup":

Step 1: Click on Backup & Restore in the manage stripStep 1: Click on Backup & Restore in the manage strip

Step 1: Click on Backup & Restore in the manage strip

Step 2: Switch to the "Scheduled Tab". We enable scheduled backups on newly created clusters by default. Here's the configuration we start with:

  • Every 24 hours (1 day)
  • Start Time 0:00 UTC
  • Maximum backups to retain: 7
  • Backup Target: Secondary (in case of replica set/sharded)
Step 2: Default scheduled backup configurationStep 2: Default scheduled backup configuration

Step 2: Default scheduled backup configuration


ScaleGrid provides the option of disabling scheduled backups, although this is highly discouraged.

Once you set the backup configuration, the scheduled backup will automatically trigger at the specific time.


Scheduled backups have an auto-generated name and cannot be edited:
Scheduled-DateTime UTC-RandomString

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MySQL Scheduled Backups

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