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Restores for MySQL

You can use the ScaleGrid restore UI to restore data on your MySQL instance from a selected backup.


  • Restoring a backup removes all the existing data in the current deployment and replaces with data in the backup.

  • Restore process is agnostic of the amount of data. It takes a fixed amount of time irrespective of the size of the data being restored.

To use the restore backup functionality, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the overview page of the MySQL deployment, click on the Backup & Restore menu option and choose Restore:

Step 2: Select the MySQL backup from the Backup List that will be used to restore the data on the deployment. If a comment was added during the on-demand backup creation process, it will show up here.


The Taken on property in the restore UI provides the exact time of the snapshot in your local time – this is the time we issued a snapshot command on the server.

Step 2: Select a backup from the Backup List to restoreStep 2: Select a backup from the Backup List to restore

Step 2: Select a backup from the Backup List to restore

Once you've selected the backup, click on the "Restore" button to start the restore job.

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Restores for MySQL

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