Create a MySQL Database User

How to create a new MySQL database user in less than one minute with ScaleGrid MySQL as a Service.

Easily create new users for your database in a few simple clicks through our fully managed MySQL hosting platform.

How to Create a New User for Your MySQL Database

  1. Log into the ScaleGrid console, or create a free 30-day trial.


Create a MySQL Cluster beforehand

If you haven't already, you must first create a MySQL deployment before adding users to your database.

  1. Go to your MySQL deployments page, and select the cluster you wish to create a new database user on.
  2. Select the ‘Users‘ tab, and then click the ‘New User’ button.
  3. In the ‘New User’ window, select your desired database from the ‘Select databases(s) user has permissions to access’ dropdown.
  4. Enter a ‘Name’ and ‘Password’ for the new user.
  5. In the ‘Role’ dropdown, select either ‘Read – Write’ or 'Read - Only' to assign your new users a role. When selecting 'Read - Write', the new user will have full write permissions on this database.
  6. Click 'Create' to create a new MySQL user for your database.

If you have any trouble or questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].