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Create a Redis Deployment

Create Your First Redis Deployment

*Estimated time to complete: 5 minutes

Creating a Redis deployment in ScaleGrid is very easy and takes only a couple minutes to set up. After you start your trial, you'll be directed to our Getting Started page where you'll first need to select the type of hosting you'd like to use for your cluster.

Redis Deployment Hosting Types

Dedicated Hosting: For production workloads hosted with ScaleGrid.

Bring Your Own Cloud: For production workloads hosted in your own AWS or Azure account.

After you've chosen your Redis hosting type, click on the relevant instruction link below for help setting up your cluster:

New Redis Deployment: Dedicated Hosting
New Redis Deployment: Bring Your Own Cloud

If you need help determining the best hosting type for your Redis cluster, visit our Getting Started with ScaleGrid page to compare by features between our Dedicated Hosting and Bring Your Own Cloud plans.

Create a Redis Deployment

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