MySQL Monitoring Console

Analyze your MySQL hosting deployments by each cluster in your ScaleGrid DBaaS account, and optimize your cloud SQL performance.

Find Your MySQL Cluster Monitoring Console

All of our MySQL hosting plans include the Monitoring Console for each unique cluster in your account to analyze the performance, usage, and availability of your SQL cloud deployments. Here's how you can find it in your account:

  • Log into the ScaleGrid Console (or start a free 30-day trial to explore).
  • Click on MySQL in the left-side menu.
  • Select the MySQL cluster you wish to analyze.
  • Under the Overview tab of your MySQL cluster details page, select the Monitoring icon to access your MySQL Monitoring Console for that cluster:

We provide four Monitoring Console views for your MySQL clusters, organized under the below tabs. Click on the category below to see the detailed breakdown of these metric types:

MySQL Overview Metrics

See the detailed breakdown of your MySQL Overview Metrics.

  • Opscounter
  • MySQL Network (KB/sec)
  • MySQL Network (KB/sec)
  • Connections (per second)
  • Threads Activity
  • Thread Cache (Threads/sec)
  • Aborted Connections
  • Questions (per second)
  • Select (per second)
  • Sort (per second)
  • Handler Activity (per second)
  • Table Lock (per second)
  • Temp Objects (per second)
  • Open Files (per second)
  • Open Tables (per second)
  • Open Table Definitions (per second)
  • Open Tables Cache Status (per second)

MySQL Operating System Metrics

See the detailed breakdown of your MySQL Operating System Metrics.

  • CPU (%)
  • System Memory (KB)
  • Disk (KB/sec)

MySQL InnoDB Metrics

See the detailed breakdown of your MySQL InnoDB Metrics.

  • I/O (per second)
  • Row Operations (per second)
  • Row Lock (per second)
  • Buffer Pool I/O (per second)
  • Buffer Pool Size (KB)
  • Buffer Pool Requests (per second)
  • Transactions
  • Log File Usage (KB/hour)
  • Checkpoint Age (KB)
  • Change Buffer (per second)
  • Change Buffer Activity (per second)

MySQL Replication Metrics

See the detailed breakdown of your MySQL Replication Metrics.

  • Bin Log Size (KB)
  • Bin Log Count