PostgreSQL On-Demand Backups

Backup your PostgreSQL hosting data anytime, on-demand.

On-demand backups can be used to back up your PostgreSQL deployment before an important event like an application upgrade, PostgreSQL version upgrade, etc.


On-demand backups are not removed automatically from the system. Please use the backup UI to delete on-demand backups that are no longer needed.

Creating On-Demand PostgreSQL Backups

To create an on-demand backup, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the Overview page of the deployment you wish to back up, click on the Backup & Restore menu option and choose "Backup":


Step 1: Click on Backup & Restore in the manage strip

Step 2: By default, the On-Demand tab will be activated. Start by entering a name for the backup. We always encourage good naming conventions so that these entities are easy to remember. You can also add a comment (max 100 characters) to your backup.


Step 2: Enter a name and comment for your backup

After you've configured the details of your backup, click the "Backup" button and a job will be triggered for your new backup. It should take anywhere from 5 minutes and up depending on the type of cluster and the amount of data in the deployment.