Shared Hosting Plans: MongoDB

Shared MongoDB Hosting Pricing: $10/GB

Create fully managed, shared MongoDB hosting clusters on AWS. Host MongoDB 3-node replica sets in Docker containers on shared hardware with WiredTiger storage engine, Snappy compression, and automatically scale your data size as you grow. These plans are perfect for small data sets and dev/test environments, as you get access to ScaleGrid's advanced Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) management tools through one affordable, all-inclusive plan.


Create your first MongoDB Shared Hosting cluster
Setup time: 5 minutes

MongoDB Shared Hosting Highlights

Host Unlimited Databases
Use WiredTiger Storage Engine
Use Snappy Compression
Get a 3-Node Replica Set
Free Backups (Scheduled & On-Demand)
Automatically Scale your Data Size
Keep Full MongoDB Admin Access
Automate your Monitoring & Alerts
Use MongoDB Version 3.4.9
Get Free 24/7 Support
No Data Transfer Charges


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MongoDB Shared Hosting FAQ

What is Shared Hosting and how is it different?

Shared Hosting is a hosting solution where multiple clients host on one server connected to the internet, and is typically the most economical option for hosting. In comparison, Dedicated Hosting is hosted on a dedicated server exclusive to a single client or business, and our Bring Your Own Cloud plans are hosted in your own AWS or Azure account. Both Dedicated and Shared Hosting plans are hosted by ScaleGrid through AWS, and also available on Azure and DigitalOcean for Dedicated hosting.

What are the highlights of MongoDB Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting is an affordable, highly-available MongoDB hosting plan in Docker containers on AWS that's perfect for light-production workloads and dev/test environments. It includes all network, disk and machine costs, with no maximum storage limits, and complete with the same full suite of advanced database management tools as our Dedicated Hosting and Bring Your Own Cloud plans.

How does Shared Hosting pricing work?

Shared Hosting pricing is only $10/GB, and billed on a monthly basis. There are no maximum storage limits, and the minimum plan size starts at just 2GB. Your account automatically scales as your data size grows or decreases so you never pay for more than you actually need.

Are there any additional fees?

None! Our MongoDB Shared Hosting plans are all-inclusive and include 100% of your network, disk, machine, data transfer, backup, and support costs.

Are there any limitations to this plan?

Shared Hosting includes all of the premium database management, monitoring and maintenance features as our other plans. There are a few limitations on the cloud management side, where we don't support sharding, cross-data center configurations, or custom replica sets, and we only support MongoDB 3.4.9 in this plan. Compare all features by plan type to see which MongoDB hosting option is right for you.


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Getting Started with Shared Hosting

It's incredibly easy to get started, and takes only 5 minutes to set up your fully managed MongoDB Shared Hosting clusters.

  1. Start a trial on the Console.
  2. Select Shared Hosting on the Getting Started page, and click the green New Cluster button see instructions.
  3. Walk through the creation wizard to name your cluster, import your data (optional), and create your cluster see instructions.
  4. Grab your credentials from your new MongoDB cluster page to connect to your account see instructions.


That's it! You can also check out our New MongoDB Cluster: Shared Hosting help documentation for detailed setup instructions.