Upgrade ScaleGrid Controller

The controller upgrade is a simple three-step process. You will need to contact [email protected] to obtain the upgrade binaries. Once you have the URL, follow these steps.

Step 1: Validate that there are no user's jobs running in the system (for example, backup, compact etc)

You can determine this by logging into the ScaleGrid Enterprise controller as root user and looking in the 'Jobs' tab. If you see a job in 'Running' state please wait till the job is complete

Please note that typically backup jobs run a few minutes after the hour.

A 'Create Cluster' job is running for the userA 'Create Cluster' job is running for the user

A 'Create Cluster' job is running for the user

Step 2 Load the binaries on your ScaleGrid Enterprise server

If your server has access to the public internet you can run the following command to download the binaries.

wget <url-shared-by-scalegrid-support>

If your server does not have access to the public internet, please download and copy the binaries into a location accessible to your server before proceeding.

Step 3: Run the following commands on your ScaleGrid Enterprise server

unzip scalegrid_upgrade_from_<old-version>_<new-version>.zip
chmod u+x upgradecontroller_from_<old-version>_to_<new-version>.sh
sudo ./upgradecontroller_from_<old-version>_to_<new-version>.sh #Omit sudo if running as root

The upgrade script does not require any user input - nor does it require access to the public internet.

In case of any failure you will see an error message on your terminal, with a request to contact ScaleGrid support.

Upgrade failure output.Upgrade failure output.

Upgrade failure output.

If it's successful, the script will print this message instead.

Upgrade success outputUpgrade success output

Upgrade success output

And that's it, you're now done and the controller upgrade is complete.